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Monthly Skin Lesion Removal Clinic (usually held in Medina, Ohio)

The Ecopolitan method is a fantastic no-cut method for removing unwanted skin tags, moles, keratoses, fibromas, pre-cancerous lesions, and more. The method is quick, amost painless, and usually there is no scarring. To learn more, please go to the following links:

information about aftercare and cost:

If you wish to schedule an appointment, please go to the following link:

follow further links to 

skin clinic appointments, midwest,

Medina, Ohio/Dr. Levatin

the date you wish to book

You can also contact Kim Kubitza (skin clinic coordinator) or other staff at the office to schedule an appointment or ask any questions.

Kim Kubitza, coordinator

330 952 0160

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Skin inspection is always free.

Cost of lesion removal depends on number, size, and complexity of the lesions.

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