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  • Janet Levatin

When Will It All Be Over?

While there is a variety of opinions about various aspects of the COVID 19-20-21 pandemic, there is unanimity of opinion about one aspect of it: we all want it to just be over. Well, almost all of us, that is. It is probably fair to say that the elite controllers (globalists, promoters of the one world order, the top 1% of the top 1%) don’t want it to end until they have total or almost total control over the rest of us.

To give you a preview of the answer to when it will all be over…. It will only be over when WE the people say it is over. But are there enough of us willing say no to the draconian restrictions and regulations they are imposing on us?

When infections of the so-called novel corona virus were first identified early in 2020, we were told we would have to wear masks for two weeks to “flatten the curve.” Remember that? Well, it is now 10 months later and there is no end in sight to the mask mandates.

After only a day in office, Joe Biden issued federal mandates that masks must be worn for domestic interstate travel and for those on federal lands (approximately 28% of land in the US). I read through the order and I did not see an end date in the text. In other words, for all we know, masking is expected of us indefinitely.

Recommendations have recently been made for double and triple masking. As Dr. Fauci has said, “It just makes common sense.” It has been said that 2 masks provide 75% protection and 3 masks provide 90% protection. Hey, just mask up until there is no longer any air exchange going on at all. Then you will not be spreading the virus…. or living.

In recent news, we learned that China is now using anal swabs for viral detection in people considered to be at higher risk of spreading the virus. That may come to to the US soon. Hey, if you talk or breathe via your anus, this may be a useful tool. After all, SARS-CoV-2 is a respiratory virus and is spread by those talking and breathing.

Some of these recommendations and policies would be funny if it were not being taken seriously and followed by so many. Due to compliance, they are having serious and devastating effects on our population.

So far we have been able to get by not wearing masks for some activities, such as shopping dining, and sports, in some places. But there are other activities, such as air travel, a highly controlled and regulated activity, for which there is pretty much no escaping the mask mandate. I, for one, do not see mask mandates for flying going away any time soon, if ever. I believe they will become a permanent requirement for air travel. At least that’s what the establishment wants.

The injections they are trying to get us to take are a whole order of magnitude more concerning than the masking. These products contain ingredients that can alter one’s genes and cellular mechanisms forever… and there is no detoxification protocol to mitigate these effects. According to some experts, the injections that have been invented for SARS-CoV-2 are just the first in a of a new form of gene therapy. Similar injections for different purported pathogens can be produced one after the other, and we will be told to line up and roll up our sleeves like obedient drones… or live with increasing penalties and restrictions.

If you think like me, you find all of this unacceptable and are doing whatever you can to fight against it.

The only way I see this pandemic with its nonsensical and harmful restrictions and regulations ending is when enough of us just say NO. What if ALL citizens stopped wearing masks on the same day? What if ALL businesses dropped mask mandates and took down the plastic barriers at the same time? What if ALL travelers stopped flying until we were allowed to do so with our faces free? To have this happen enough of us would need to understand what is really going on and that there is a serious nefarious agenda being carried out.

I hope and pray that enough of the world’s population understands the truth before we pass a point from which there is no return.

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Marilyn Smith
Marilyn Smith
Nov 06, 2023

I completely agree. Very well said, thank you!

Marilyn Smith

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